You Must Crawl Before You Run

In any industry there will always be up’s and down’s…but
what most organizations in the industries don’t want to share with you during
those down times are the negative facts. We are convinced that the real estate
market is making strong moves toward a full comeback…but we are still
crawling not running. 30% of respondents for the Prudential
Real Estate Outlook Survey for the 2nd Quarter  strongly agreed that the housing
crisis has reminded them to be more cautious when looking to buy or sell a
home.  There is no harm in taking the
time to fully weigh the options of buying or selling a home. This is one of the
biggest purchases of your life and as long as the American consumer keeps
crawling towards that finish line, we will find ourselves in the midst of a
better and stronger housing market within the next few years.  We can’t turn a blind eye to our weaknesses,
but we can focus on making them our strengths.

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