The Difference Between Buying Now and Later

Choosing the right time to buy your home is always a decision full of anxiety. Thoughts like “Do we really need to move“… “Can we afford this“… and “Are we sure we are ready for this?”  pop into your head the moment you start looking for your next home. All of those feelings and thoughts are normal and happen to everyone; this is the largest purchase of your life so its expected for you to be a little apprehensive. But the conditions of the market right now are making it the near perfect time to buy a home. While we can’t help ease your anxiety of having to move all of your belongings or if your family is ready to make such a big change, we can show you that financially you are in a better position now to purchase your dream home than you will be in the years coming. Check out this infographic from KCM about the buying power in today’s market compared to next year.


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