What’s behind the red door?

Red door collage1Take a look at homes in your own neighborhood…have you noticed?  Whether the house be white, yellow, blue, green, gray or brick, red is a visibly popular accent color for the front entry door.  And this has been an international phenomenon for years, for a number of traditional and cultural reasons.  So what’s the story behind the red door?

In early America, a red door was always a sign of welcome to the passing horse and buggy traveler. Some say a red door was also a signifier of a safe house on the Underground Railroad in the 19th century.

In Ireland, a red door is thought to ward off ghosts or evil spirits, and according to a one-time tradition in Scotland, it served to happily announce a paid-off mortgage on the house.

In China, it is a tradition to paint the front door a bright red just before the New Year, to invite good luck and happiness into your home. And according to Feng Shui principles, a house’s entrance is the “mouth of Chi,” where all good energy enters a space.  A red door ensures the free flow of good fortune or wealth into your house.

Then there’s the matter of pure color logistics and science.  Because it’s the complimentary color to green, no other color stands out so vibrantly against the landscape. The eye seeks color balance, and a red door in a green environment can help create that balance.

Surely not everyone who chooses to adorn their front portal in scarlet is sparked by these underlying considerations and traditions — some are seeking some visual “pop” or perhaps just like the color red.  It’s a subjective thing for sure, but for whatever reason, a red door is capable of giving a home instant curb appeal.

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