The 10 Most Haunted Places in the Carolinas

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The Carolinas have a rich history that dates back centuries. With Halloween just around the corner, we decided to put together a list of some of the best ghost stories from around North and South Carolina. Happy Halloween!

1. The Brown Mountain Lights, Brown Mountain, NC


The Brown Mountain Lights are still a largely disputed phenomenon that occur in the foothills of North Carolina. For years, lights have been seen dancing throughout the forest. Legend has it that they have been around since the Cherokee Indians who believed the lights were the spirits of women looking for their lost warrior lovers. Regardless of these ancient origins, skeptics have denied the lights, calling them reflections, optical illusions or even swamp gas. Many believers remain unconvinced and the lights still remain enshrouded in mystery to this day.

2. Dismal Swamp State Park, NC

dismal swamp

Of course a place called the Dismal Swamp is haunted. It covers over 100,000 acres of North Carolina and is the ideal place for a ghost hangout with its thick forests and covered waterways. Years ago, it was suspected that slaves would escape plantations and head into the swamps where they formed small communities, cut off from the outside world. Since then, people have reported hearing strange sounds and seeing unnatural lights.

3. Devil’s Tramping Ground, Bennett, NC

Devils tramping

This is a mysterious place in the middle of the North Carolina forest where nothing grows in a near perfect 40 by 40 foot circle. To the untrained eye, it might look like it’s just a random spot that grass didn’t grow. To a paranormal investigator though, it is thought to be a place where the Devil came down and danced or aliens landed – turning this area into a barren patch of earth.

4. Lydia’s Bridge, Jamestown, NC

Lydias Bridge

We aren’t sure what it is about the Carolinas and haunted bridges, but there seems to be no shortage of them. If you drive just south of Greensboro on a rainy night, you might see a woman in a white evening dress flagging down your car. This is Lydia who was killed in a tragic car accident in 1923 and is still trying to find her way home. If you stop for her, she will direct you to her old address and suddenly disappear as soon as you pull up – no “Thank you” or anything.

5. Gallows Hill, Wilmington, NC

gallows hill

Gallows Hill is a historical site located in Wilmington, NC. Back in the day, it was famous for carrying out justice and burying the guilty in mass graves nearby. Today, the gallows have been taken down and an architecture firm sits atop of where they once were. Reports from multiple accounts have seen strange ghostly figures wearing colonial clothing lurking throughout the building inside.

6. Crybaby Bridge, Anderson, SC


Crybaby Bridge gets its name from the reports of a spirit searching for her crying baby. Supposedly If you stop your car on the bridge and turn off the engine, the spirit mother will reveal herself. As a side note, if you’ve ever tried hitchhiking on a bridge in the Carolinas, you now know why cars haven’t been stopping for you.

7. Greenville’s Tuberculosis Hospital, Greenville, SC

TB Insane asylum

Part tuberculosis hospital, part insane asylum and part prisoner release site – it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that this area has been reported as haunted. Even though it has now burned down, paranormal investigators report that they pick up otherworldly voices on their recording devices.

8. Oakwood Cemetery, Spartanburg SC

hells gate

Known to many as “The Most Haunted Place in South Carolina,” The Oakwood Cemetery has some very strange occurrences happening there such as mysterious fog, vanishing orbs of light and even the laughter of children. It’s also been known to disable phones, drain batteries and cause phantom ringtones. That’s right, despite being passed away for years, these ghosts seem to be very knowledgeable with iPhones.

9. Seven Devil’s Bridge, Woodruff, SC

seven devils bridge

Seven Devil’s Bridge gets its name from the seven criminals who were sentenced to death there. Now it is said that if anyone tries to cross the bridge at the stroke of midnight, they will break down screaming and crying. Luckily for most of us, we make a concerted effort to avoid crossing creepy bridges at any time during the night.

10. Montrose Cemetery, Darlington, SC

hells gate

Montrose Cemetery has been investigated by paranormal activity experts and plenty of teenagers who played truth or dare with the wrong friends. Its history goes back to the 18th century when the country was first being founded. Many people have reported hearing screams, seeing light orbs and shadowy figures. It has even been noted that when people try to take pictures with their camera (even while their flash is on) all their photos come out black. Our guess is they had their finger over the lens.


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