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Having a dog is a wonderful experience, but for those of us who live in a major metropolitan area, the spatial constraints of city life can make dog ownership seem like a far off fantasy. While there are certain dogs that are able to acclimate themselves to apartment living more easily than others, it can still be less than ideal to keep a pooch cooped up in a dinky studio with nothing to do all day but pine for greener pastures.

It’s a good thing, then, that there are more and more cities realizing the importance of being accessible not only to man, but to his best friend as well. Here are a few urban areas that are quickly becoming meccas for dog lovers:

1. Raleigh, NC

This small city has been getting press for being a family friendly city, but what often gets overlooked is the way they care for their furrier family members. With three off-leash dog parks, 23 dog friendly restaurants, 31 dog friendly hotels, and a number of annual pet celebrations, Raleigh is a great city for resident dog owners or just dog lovers passing through.

via The Top 7 Dog Friendly Cities in America | The Wet Nose Press.

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