How Many Buyers Are Looking at Your Home Online?

J0401909The short answer is…a lot! 

90% of home buyers start their search online (according to the National Association of REALTORS) so there is no doubt there are a lot of buyers looking at listings online right now, but the question is how many specifically are looking at YOUR house?

Not sure? If your house is on the market today, there is really no excuse for you not to know. One of the greatest benefits of the Internet is the ability to easily track number of visits to a website and where they are coming from and knowing how many views your property is getting online can help you.  

If your house is on the market now, ask your sales associate for this information so you can make more informed decisions about how your house is positioned in the current market. And if your house isn't on the market yet and you are wondering what your house is worth let us know and we can get you a brief overview of what buyers are online now looking for homes like yours.

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