How do you say “R E A L T O R?”

Business Insider recently highlighted a list of “surprising words you’re probably mispronouncing,” and landing in at No. 8 on its list: REALTOR®.

Business Insider says the word is often incorrectly pronounced “real-a-tor.” The correct pronunciation is “real-ter.”

The word “REALTOR® is trademarked by the National Association of REALTORS® to describe brokers who are members of the national association.

Robert Wilson, an English professor who is also a real estate professional, told Business Insider that he speculates the mispronunciation comes from methathesis or transposing certain letters within words. He cites another common example: “aks” for “ask.”

REALTOR® joined other commonly mispronounced words on Business Insider’s list, such as “cache” (the correct pronunciation is like “cash”) and “prestigious” (pronounced “pre-sti-jus,” not “pre-stee-jus”). See the full word list at Business Insider.

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