Get to know your NC local farmers market

Summer is prime time for farmers markets. If you have never visited a farmers market, now is the time! North Carolina has more than its share of these open air fresh produce marketplaces, famous for their variety and quality of produce and handmade products.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the market in your neck of the woods.

  • Take Your Time & Have Fun Browsing!
  • Bring Cash
    Cash is the easiest currency, although many markets have begun accepting debit & credit cards.
  • Bring Containers and Shopping Bags & an ice-packed cooler
    You are contributing to the most basic recycling and environmental causes by using your own cloth tote bags, besides buying local, most likely organically grown produce. A cooler in your car will ensure you get your produce home fresh and at its peak.
  • Dress Comfortably
    Wear walking shoes and be prepared with sunscreen and collapsible umbrellas; and watch the weather! If you take your children, make sure you have supplies, a stroller, and drinks for them.
  • Go Early
    There’s nothing better than strolling through a fragrant and colorful farmer’s market early on a summer morning, when you’ll also find the best selection.  Having said that, know that you may find the best deals if you go late, if not the greatest selection.

Shopping at a farmers market or open air market means that you will get the best, freshest produce available, while at the same time you are supporting small local farmers. You can find heirloom varieties of produce, and learn something new too. Often the vendors farm organically, and the farmers market is their primary source of income. Cherish the farming community and it will thrive — and so will you!

Find a Market Near You

Charlotte Area:



The Fairgrounds Farmers Market

 Why not go this weekend?  Browse, and enjoy an essential summer shopping experience!

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