Finding the Perfect Home for Your Furry Friends

Pet Pets are more than just animals.  People love their pets like family and many adapt their homes and lifestyle  to their furry family members. If you consider yourself a “pet parent”, then it won’t come as a surprise, that on choosing your next home, you will be searching for the best home for your best friend.

When you're planning a home for both you and your pets, consider their particular needs. Animals want the same things that humans do. They want companionship and to be kept clean and secure. They also want their personal space. Think about whether you're putting your door-dashing dog on a high-traffic street. Will your protective pup go postal on guests? How can you make your multi-story home comfortable for your elderly dog?

So what does it take for a home to qualify as pet-friendly?

1.  Make a list -  Before you go shopping for a pet-friendly house, make a list of things your pet likes and what they will destroy.  For instance, cat owners may find their pets ripping up the carpet in their home. To avoid replacing your carpet, you might want to look for a home with wood floors. Also, if yo have a large or active dog, you may need a home with a large fenced in yard or bigger space.

2.  Survey the home’s layout – The home’s layout might be hard on your pet.  If you have an older animal who has a hard time climbing stairs, a home for sale with one story would be better than a two-story home.  Low windows or window ledges are perfect for cats, as well as an out of sight place to store a litter box. 

3. Check with the HOA rules/regulations – The Home Owner Association may not allow pets, and those that do allow them usually have some restrictions.  Make sure to check before purchasing a home or you might get stuck with hefty fines and a hard choice to make.

4.  Explore the neighborhoods – A pet friendly neighborhood is the best place for you and your best friend.  Look around the neighborhood and see if the neighbors are walking their dogs or have cats sleeping in windows. 

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