The 8 Best Dog Parks in North Carolina

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It’s important your dog has a great space to run around and the freedom a dog deserves, and sometimes your backyard just isn’t enough. No matter where you live in the state of North Carolina, there is a dog park near you. Here are some of our favorites. Let us know if you agree with our list of the 8 Best Dog Parks in North Carolina. 

1. Happy Hounds, Winston-Salem

This park is highly regarded as one of the best in the Winston-Salem area. It’s known for its cleanliness and openness, and it also has areas to separate the big dogs from the smaller dogs. No dogs are getting bullied around here!

2. Barkingham Park, Charlotte

This off-leash park has plenty of space for your dog to run free and play with other dogs. In a busy city like Charlotte, this is a great space for your dog to feel like a dog.

3. Wilmington Dog Park, Wilmington

With water stations and pet waste stations, dogs that visit Wilmington Dog Park will never want to leave. This park is completely fenced off and has space for the big dogs and the little dogs to be separate from each other.

4. William Davies Park, Charlotte

Two separate sides make up this park, the two sides split the big dogs from the small dogs. This fenced off area has plenty of space for dogs to run around and benches for owners to sit and relax as their dog roam freely.

5. Fetching Meadow, Charlotte

This park isn’t as large as the other parks on this list, but it is a great fenced off area in which dogs don’t have to worry about being restricted with their movement by being on a leash.

6. Southwest Park, Greensboro

There is plenty of space for your dog to run around at this park, as well as fresh water and treats for your pet. Unlike the other parks on this list, you’ll need to bring your wallet with you, there are a few fees for this park.

7. Chapel Hill Southern Dog Park, Chapel Hill

This park is a large area with many benches for owners to sit down and watch their dog run around, as well as many trees to provide shade for the dogs. Trees are also great for a game of tag as the dogs mark their territory.

8. Oakwood Dog Park, Raleigh

Every type of dog is welcome at this park as there is an area for elderly, small, and even shy dogs. There are plenty of toys and plenty of fresh water here, your dog might never want to go home.

What is your favorite dog park to go to? Let us know in the comments below!

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