A Buyers Guide to Social Media

For many, the thought of using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can be an overwhelming thought. Learning how to navigate that social ocean can be complicated, not to mention the questions of whether or not it’s worthwhile.  As many real estate agencies turn to social media for communication purposes, consumers have a lot they could be using to help with the home buying process.

1: Phone Applications: We have a phone application that can be used to search for homes in a certain geographical area that works off of the GPS in your phone. This application eliminates that extra step of trying to search for homes in that “perfect” neighborhood you saw while driving around on a Saturday afternoon. You can pull up our houses for sale in that neighborhood in real time as you drive instead of having to search for them when you get home. Download our app Here!

2. Facebook & Twitter: Social media websites have opened up an entirely new form of communication between consumers and businesses, especially in the Real Estate industry. With Twitter and Facebook, agencies are able to maintain a more personal relationship with their audiences. As a homebuyer, your real estate agencies social networks are another outlet for you to stay connected with their most recent information. Whether you follow an individual agent or the agency itself, you can look to their Facebook or Twitter to provide you with information regarding the real estate market and homes for sale.

3. Pinterest: Last but not least, the new social media website that has been creating a lot of stir, Pinterest. For those of you who don’t know what that is, don’t worry. It’s not another confusing website where you have to learn a new lingo. It’s an online bulletin board where you can post pictures of things you like; quite possibly the easiest social media site to navigate. Most people “pin” images of recipes, homes and places they want to travel to. This relates to real estate because a lot of agencies are creating Pinterest boards as well as agents. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is a more personal website. You shouldn’t expect to see a lot of advertising and information being shoved in your face. What you can expect to see is the personality and spirit of the real estate agency and agents. We use our Pinterest to showcase news for the communities we work in, real estate news and home decorating ideas. If you want to use Pinterest to help you with your buying process, you could set up a bulletin board with photos of homes and rooms that you like. This could be another way for your agent to see your personal style and find homes that better suit you.

Regardless of what social media sites you choose to conquer during your home buying experience, there is a lot to be offered and we highly recommend using these great new resources that are right at your fingertips.

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