7 Mexican Restaurants in the Triangle You Need to Try

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The Triangle Region is home to some of the best restaurants in all of North Carolina – and it’s no different for Mexican food. Here are some of our favorite places you can eat at if you’re craving something from South of the border!


Chubby’s Tacos – Durham

Via Chubby’s Facebook

You might walk by this place and never know it was there, but please trust us because this is a place you won’t want to miss. Everything is done the way it should be with double wrapped corn tortilla tacos, delicious refried beans and rice. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a fish taco, a shredded beef taco, a barbacoa taco or a chorizo taco – it’s impossible to make a bad choice.

Taqueria la Vaquita – Durham

Via Nina B - YELP
Via Nina B – YELP

This place is as authentic as you will ever find south of the border. You won’t be disappointed whether you’re ordering a taco, a torta or a more traditional plate. And because they have over 60 options on the menu, you can go back for seconds, thirds and more; still never trying the same meal twice.


Totopos – Cary

Via Totopos' Facebook
Via Totopos’ Facebook

If you’re looking for some Mexican food that you can’t find anywhere else in the Triangle, then this place is for you. Their entire menu is based off of the cuisine of Mexico City and can only be described as delicious. The service is always on point and is sure to leave you with a smile and full belly when it’s time to say adios.


Don Betos – Raleigh

Via James P. - Yelp
Via James P. – Yelp

Don Betos has it all! It is truly a no-frills Mexican food experience. Their staff is super friendly and they are experts at helping customers decipher the mostly Spanish menu. To top it off, they are not the least bit shy to give great recommendations on the best dishes (we highly suggest you take their advice).


Taqueria El Toro – Raleigh

Via Fairuz S. - YELP
Via Fairuz S. – YELP

Taqueria El Toro is essentially authentic Mexican street tacos in a restaurant. They have a great assortment of specials on the weekends, and “off-the-menu” items that you can ask for.


Pro-tip: Ask for chips with your order. You’ll get a plate of fresh fried tortillas to try with all of their famous salsas.


Gonza Tacos y Taqueria – Durham

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As the name states, they specialize in two things: tacos and tequila. They have nine different kinds of taco meats along with enough brands of tequila to make you realize how little you actually know about tequila. Despite the name, they have a fantastic menu with plenty of awesome options to choose from that will keep you coming back, time and time again.


Centro – Raleigh

Via Centro's Facebook
Via Centro’s Facebook

If you’re looking for a place that has a fantastic assortment of Mexican food, then look no further. Centro is largely regarded as one of the best places you can go if you’re looking to fill your belly. It’s small, intimate and authentic and if you’re looking to get the same great food for less, then we highly recommend paying them a visit during their lunch hours.

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