6 Summer Family Activities In North Carolina

The summer is quickly approaching and the only way to make sure you have fun this summer with the whole family is to plan ahead. We have some great summer activities you and the family can take part in, the best part of all the activities is that you don’t need to leave the state. These are 6 Summer Family Activities In North Carolina.

6. See Wild horses along the coast

Who doesn’t love seeing animals roam freely?! The coast of North Carolina is the home of various groups of wild horses. All it takes is a drive to the coast and you can see these guys gallop along the beach all day long. You can learn more about the different types of wild horses before your family trip by visiting here.

5. Visit the Sliding Rock

The summer will surely have days where a cold glass of sweet tea won’t be enough to beat the heat. Take the family to sliding rock to cool off for the afternoon. Fun is the main objective here, but safety is more important, so lifeguards are on duty for a majority of the summer.

4. Gold Rush

In 1799, North Carolina provided the US with its first gold rush. You can visit this significant historical site for little to nothing, take the family and learn more about our truly “golden” state.

3. Visit the Swinging Bridge

Warning, if you or your family members are scared of heights, you might want to stay away from this destination. The bridge hangs about 80 feet above the ground and is over 5,000 feet above sea level. It’s scary just thinking about it, but you get a great view of the state and it’s also a great chance to see some wildlife.

2. Ride The Locomotive

Everyone loves trains and what better way to ride the train then on a classic steam engine. This is a great adventure for anyone of any age and there are many great things to do in the area after your train ride.

1. Visit Chimney Rock

If you’re looking for a great physical challenge for your family this just might be it. Make the trip to Chimney Rock and make the 26 storey climb up the 500 million-year-old rock. If you’re looking to get up to the top without the extra work, there is an elevator that will get you up there.


Let us know some of your favorite destinations to travel to in North Carolina.


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