5 Best Places to Retire in North Carolina

Via Halfpoint / Shutterstock
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Halfpoint / Shutterstock

We work our entire lives to one day have the opportunity to retire in a place of our choosing. North Carolina has become a retirement hotspot over the past 20 years, and for good reason. The state offers the perks of big cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, alongside great skiing destinations like Sugar Mountain, and of course, beaches alongside the east side of the state. North Carolina really does have it all when it comes to picking the perfect place to retire. With so many options, where should you start looking to retire? Well, we wanted to make it easier for you. We’ve examined a niche.com report on the best places to retire and narrowed it down to the top five in North Carolina.

Niche broke down the communities mentioned below on several factors, like accessibility to golf, access to restaurants, monthly housing cost, etc. For this article we’ve decided to include the key factors from the report:

  • % of residents 65 and over
  • Weather Grade
  • Monthly Housing Cost
  • Crime and Safety Guide

5. Mount Airy

Via Wikipedia Creative Commons
Via Wikipedia Creative Commons

Located in Surry County, with a population of just over 10,000, Mount Airy comes in at 5th place on our list of best places to retire in North Carolina. Once you get into town, drop your bags and head for Pilot Mountain. The views are breathtaking.

% of residents 65 and over: 22.3%

Weather Grade: B

Monthly Housing Cost: $614

Crime & Safety Guide: C+

4. Brevard

Cvandyke / Shutterstock
Cvandyke / Shutterstock

Brevard comes in at 4th on the list of places to retire in NC. With over one in four residents being over the age of 65 and great access to affordable housing and restaurants, it’s a great place to retire.

% of residents 65 and over: 26%

Weather Grade: B

Monthly Housing Cost: $625

Crime & Safety Guide: B

3. Morehead City

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

Morehead City scored really well in some major categories, receiving A’s in accessibility to Golf, Doctors, and Restaurants. However, it did score pretty poorly (C-) when it comes to Crime and Safety.

% of residents 65 and over: 19.7%

Weather Grade: B+

Monthly Housing Cost: $714

Crime & Safety Guide: C-

2. Southern Pines

Via Wikipedia Creative Commons
Via Wikipedia Creative Commons

Southern Pines is a golfer’s paradise. It is ranked A+ on Niche with accessibility to golf courses. It also received an A rating for recreational facilities.

% of residents 65 and over: 26.8%

Weather Grade: B+

Monthly Housing Cost: $794

Crime & Safety Guide: D+

1. Pinehurst

Michelle Donahue Hillison / Shutterstock
Michelle Donahue Hillison / Shutterstock

Pinehurst is most known for it’s unreal golf courses. It comes with a slightly higher average monthly housing cost, but like they say, “you get what you pay for!”

% of residents 65 and over: 35%

Weather Grade: B+

Monthly Housing Cost: $1,181

Crime & Safety Guide: B+

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