5 Best High Schools in North Carolina

Best high schools in North Carolina

North Carolina currently operates 591 high schools that are then divided into 148 school districts. Within this education system more than 28,000 full-time teachers shaping the youth of tomorrow. The nearly 450,000 strong student body represent their state very well in the national rankings. 140 of the state high schools received medals of bronze or higher, according to U.S. News Best High school rankings. Based on average proficiency scores in Math and English (indexed levels 1-4) and relative college readiness scores, here are the 5 Best High Schools in North Carolina.

1. Raleigh Charter High School

5 best high schools in North Carolina | Raleigh Charter High School

A relatively small school of only 540 students RCHS is classified as a charter school and hosts grades 9-12 in a large city setting, boosting a teacher to student ratio of 13:1. With an average algebra proficiency score of 2.9 and English score of 3.2, RCHS ranks the highest in all the state for college readiness at 94.1 and ranks 37th nationally. Students leaving this fine establishment are well equipped for their next steps in life no matter what they may aspire to be.

2. The Early College at Guilford


Established in 2002 as a partnership between Guilford College and Guilford County Schools, the school became the first early college high school in North Carolina. This unique partnership allows students to graduate with a high school diploma and as much as two years of credits at Guilford College. With only 195 students, the school is a very tight knit community that has countless community involvement programs. Although their math proficiency score was unavailable, it is not hard to see why they have a college readiness score of 92.2 when they have a 3.6 English proficiency score.

3. Woods Charter


The home of the wolves is where many youngsters from Chapel Hill will spend their entire primary and secondary school careers. From K-12, the school has 504 students and 11:1 student to teacher ratio allowing students to build long lasting bonds with their educators. With 2.8 and 2.9 proficiency scores in algebra and English respectively, The Woods Charter sets their students up to succeed with an 81.3 college readiness score.

4. Weaver Academy


With the lowest student to teacher ratio on the list at 7:1 the 303 9-12 graders are well supervised. With a strong emphasis on the academics as well as the arts, the Weaver Academy aims to produce well rounded students that will be leaders in their future communities. Their 2.4 and 3.0 proficiency scores give them a college readiness score of 79.9 well above the district average of 35.9.

5. Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy

5 best high schools in North Carolina | Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy

The largest on our list of the 5 best high schools in North Carolina is the Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, it has an enrollment of nearly 1,200 students that occupy grades K-12. With a college readiness score 72.6 the average proficiency scores in algebra and English both being 2.9 parents can expect their children to receive a fine education at this establishment.




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