12 Things That You Will Miss When You Leave N.C.

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12. Authentic Grits

People may have heard of them and even tasted them in other states, but once you have tried grits in North Carolina nothing will compare – you may be sour if you order salted grits elsewhere. We know the pain.

11. Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains

Source: Blue Ridge Mountain Wikipedia
Source: Blue Ridge Mountain Wikipedia

Fresh mountain air filling your lungs as you hike the endless wilderness trails or slowly float down an undisturbed river. If only you could bottle the experience and bring it with you.

10. The Picturesque Carolina shore

Sun, sand and crashing waves, what more can you ask for? The beautiful N.C. shore is always a place that you can escape from the hustle and bustle and relax.

9. Cook-Out Won’t be a Staple in Your Diet

Being founded in N.C., Cook-Out actually understands what North Carolina bbq is. They just have to hurry up and expand to all 50 states.

8. People Understanding Your Sayings and ‘Accent’

“Bless you heart” and “ya’ll”, surprisingly enough, aren’t part of everyday language in other parts of the country. Crazy! We know.

7. Bojangles’

Sources: Bojangles’ Facebook

Spicy cajun chicken and buttermilk biscuits from Bojangles will fall from a daily meal to something of a conundrum wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery. We shed a tear just from thinking about it.

6. Vinegar Sauce

Many have tried, many have failed. People will claim that they have replicated the authentic taste of N.C. vinegar sauce, but in reality their sauce game is still minor league.

5. The Craft Beer Scene

North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild. That’s right, we have a guild for our beer. Going out and discovering new tastes is fun and all but really you will be craving the state’s home brews.

4. Sweet Tea, AKA “North Carolina’s House Wine”

The first time you return to N.C. you will be begging for an I.V. drip of our sweet, sweet nectar.

3. Friendly People

You probably grew up in a neighborhood where the key is hidden under the welcome mat and waving to a passerby is a reflex. Not everywhere has the same sense of community.

2. College Basketball

Home to the best NCAA basketball rivalry in the country, games can be an emotional roller coaster. Your heart still skips a beat at the thought of a March Madness game between Duke and UNC.

1. Barbecue

Well, we have the best BBQ and when you leave you will probably shed a couple of tears.

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