11 Signs You Went to UNC

11 signs you went to UNC at Chapel Hill

11. You know that a blizzard will not cancel class.

UNC has the utmost confidence in their students to be able to brave in the harshest of winter storms, either that or they don’t want to have to add days to the end of the semester for all the days that could have been canceled.

10. [B]ski’s was a staple in your diet at some point.

UNC [B]Ski
Source: [B]Ski’s Facebook
Nothing like stopping in for a quick, late night ski on the way home. What is even better now is that they deliver.

9. You have a preferred study spot in “UL”, the undergraduate library.

Source: library.unc.edu

When it was finally time to study you headed to the UL, where you had a favorite section or spot that you definitely thought helped you study better.

8. You find Point-to-Point (P2P) kind of fun.

Having in house transportation for your campus is kind of great especially when it is probably going to be filled with your friends. Although having a transit demographic that is mainly students does make for some interesting sites.

7.You miss halloween on Franklin street.

Halloween | Franklin Street
Source: www.hercampus.com

How many unofficial college parties have their own Wikipedia page? Well, halloween on Franklin street has one that describes a growing tradition that began in the 1980’s and now boasts estimated attendance numbers as high as 80,000 people.

6. You’ve had a drink from the Old Well.

Old Well | UNC

Everyone has heard the myth that if you drink from the well on the first day of class you are guaranteed a 4.0 GPA and everyone that says they did not do it probably snuck back that night to help boost their marks.

5. Run to the Quad at the first sight of summer.

UNC Quad
Source: admissions.unc.eduk

The ground may still be hard with frost, but if it is nice outside there will be crowds of people hanging out on the quad lawn trying to catch a few rays and encourage summer to hurry up and get here.

4. You consider The Pit a classroom.

The sunken in courtyard is where you go for a live broadcast of current events. Always filled with students performing or giving speeches you probably learned as much here as you did anywhere else.

3. You fully understand the ups and downs of the UNC-Duke rivalry.

UNC vs. Duke
Source: dancingczars.wordpress.com

Our rivalry with Dook is one of the best in all of college sports. One that has seen blood, sweat and tears of its long history and never disappoints.

2. MJ, that’s all.

Arguably the best athlete of all time. The two-sport powerhouse began his legacy with the Tar Heels and cemented his name as a school great when we hit the game winning shot against Georgetown to bring home the 1982 National Championship.

1. You know that UNC is the best college in North Carolina!

UNC Mascot
Source: imgarcade.com

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