11 Signs That You Went to Duke

signs you went to Duke

11. You “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

Although there is debate about where the term “work hard, play hard” was invented – Duke’s stellar academic reputation and incredible school spirit make a strong case that Durham was its original birthplace.

10. You have an opinion on Greek life.

You may not have been in a frat or sorority but with such a small student body, you more than likely attended a few parties/mixers/socials that were hosted by one. Heck, you may have even met your significant other there.

9. You miss Shooters II.

Shooters | Duke
Source: www.dukechronicle.com

Cheap drinks, a pound of wings, a mechanical bull, the cage and hundreds of your best friends make Shooters II pretty easy to miss.

8. You’ll never forget LDOC (Last Day of Classes).

LDOC | Duke
Source: LDOC Duke’s Facebook

The giant celebration to close out the year. Packing the main quad with big name shows and partying with all your friends before you head home for the summer is an irreplaceable memory.

7. Campus is known to you as the “Gothic Wonderland.”

Duke University
Source: duke.edu


The Gothic-style architecture of west campus has earned it the nickname of Gothic Wonderland and it’s a big contrast to the east campus which houses all freshman and is known for its Georgian-style architecture.

6. You might still be paying off your student loan(s).

Duke has one of the most expensive tuition’s in the country at an average of $43,623 per year. A steep price to pay, but it does get you a premier education.

5. Christian Laettner is a personal hero.

Widely regarded as one of the best NCAA players ever – Laettner lead the Blue Devils to back-to-back National Championships and is a legend at Duke regardless of what anyone else has to say.

4. You consider Mike Krzyzewski a professor of yours.

AKA The Master. Coach K has won 5 Div 1 NCAA National Titles in his tenure as the men’s basketball coach at Duke making him something of a legend. If his basketball games were considered a class then you probably would have gotten straight A’s with perfect attendance.

3. You love that other schools don’t like you.

Having a reputation as one of the most disliked schools in the NCAA might bother some people – but Duke students and alumni alike embrace it and take it as a sign of endearment. This is especially the case considering the fact that Duke ranked 8th in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges.

2. You are a basketball fan… at very least every March.

Known as the “Cameron Crazies” the student section in Cameron indoor stadium holds 1,200 of the most, “rude, crude and lewd – as well as cleverly funny,” fans in all the NCAA. Smudged body paint and a hoarse voice is probably something that you have experienced multiple times.

1. The glory days!

Duke Grad
Source: duke.edu

You look back on your time at Duke and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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